Source Introduces Say O

September 13, 2018

Source International introduces the Say O family of seating designed by KnudsenBergHindenes from Bergen, Norway. Say O, which is manufactured in 3D veneer with a strict, organic styling, is a natural extension of the Scandinavian design tradition – a tradition where form and function…


Source Introduces Defign

April 22, 2018

Source International’s newest introduction, Defign, is a “Family of executive and conference seating whose “Quiet Modern” aesthetic was created employing a minimum of visually simple elements” says Michael Shields, product designer. “The crisply Defigned parallel edges of arms and upholstery accentuate the…


Source Introduces Lore

January 8, 2018

Source International’s growth continues with the addition of Lore, an elegantly tailored lounge series. Designer Joachim Jensen says, “I have always been inspired by the contemporary classics, the furniture of the Masters. These are pieces that designers and architects love to work with, and that people…


Source Introduces Repeat

October 27, 2017

Less is more. Source International’s newest addition, Repeat, is an exercise in keeping life simple. BrogliatoTraverso Studio says “Our design inspiration for Repeat soft seating was born from the thirty degree angle.” The geometry of the trapezoid allows many configurations by combining several modules. &…


Source Re-Introduces Scape

August 4, 2017

Change is the only constant. With that, Source International is happy to announce that our already existing lounge series, Scape, is evolving. The simplicity of this product line enhances its relevance in today’s contract market. Substantial and uncomplicated, Scape lounge now offers twenty-three components in multiple heights…


Source Introduces Fjord

January 9, 2017

Dedication to design remains the theme as Source International adds Fjord to its extensive offering of guest seating. Designer Joachim Jensen says “Fjord is a modern take on a contemporary classic showcasing Scandinavian elegance and aesthetics.” 3D veneer technology has been implemented to achieve the organic shape…


Source Introduces Beyond

November 9, 2016

As Source International continues its growth and expansion in the contract furniture market, we are proud to promote our partnership with Gemma Bernal from Barcelona. Her newest design, Beyond, has been crafted with the idea of an informal lounge/guest chair in mind. “The design connotes doing something…


Source Introduces LT

October 15, 2016

As Source International continues its growth and expansion in the contract furniture market, we are proud to introduce a functional, simple, responsibly priced LT laptop table. The one-piece metal support structure is not only extremely durable but it also allows for the addition of a magnetic device holder and…


Source Introduces Jump

November 2, 2015

Source International is proud to introduce JUMP ‑ an active, exciting, versatile, playful, up-to-date competitor in the poly chair market. The simple, clean, modern design pared with multiple base and shell options allows this seating line to be used in unlimited settings. A comfortable molded shell available in elegant, subdued…


Source Introduces Martini

October 5, 2015

Source International continues its collaboration with Gemma Bernal with the introduction of Martini. A full family of product, Martini offers a tailored, refined seating option that fits into most any application. The artistic persona of this chair speaks for itself. Reminiscent of classic designs, this seating family blends sloping…