Source Introduces Mojo

July 19, 2020

The Source International team proudly introduces Mojo: a small scale multipurpose chair with a modern look that fits every space — office, home, or hospitality.

Mojo is an easy choice, embodying “multipurpose.” The simplicity of its form brings a precise aesthetic to any working, meeting, or dining area…


Source Introduces Everwood

March 23, 2020

The Source International team is excited to debut Everwood—a modern take on a classical wooden chair.

Everwood's curved, clean lines highlight the marriage of organic and man-made materials. Each line is continuous, making the sculptural form visually appealing from all angles. The solid ash…


Source Introduces Laze

March 1, 2020

The Source International team is proud to bring their latest piece to market: Laze—a lounge chair distinguished by its beautifully angled, graceful silhouette.

Laze was designed by Burkhard Vogtherr, one of the best known European designers of his time. Throughout the course of his…


Source Introduces Tempt Stools

September 30, 2019

Source International’s newest introduction to the market is Tempt Stool. Designed by Norwegian product design studio, Berg & Hindenes, Tempt is fashioned with a free floating seat in mind. The slim elliptical shape paired with a sled base has a visually appealing simplicity that fits…


Source Introduces Viiva

July 14, 2019

Source International is proud to bring Viiva to the market. Designed by Samuli Naamanka, Viiva is dedicated to simplicity, beauty, and practicality. The Viiva family has clean, uninterrupted lines, showcasing a lack of exposed hardware. Samuli says his design inspiration came from “the translation of…


Source Introduces Say O

September 13, 2018

Source International introduces the Say O family of seating designed by KnudsenBergHindenes from Bergen, Norway. Say O, which is manufactured in 3D veneer with a strict, organic styling, is a natural extension of the Scandinavian design tradition – a tradition where form and function…


Source Introduces Defign

April 22, 2018

Source International’s newest introduction, Defign, is a “Family of executive and conference seating whose “Quiet Modern” aesthetic was created employing a minimum of visually simple elements” says Michael Shields, product designer. “The crisply Defigned parallel edges of arms and upholstery accentuate the…


Source Introduces Lore

January 8, 2018

Source International’s growth continues with the addition of Lore, an elegantly tailored lounge series. Designer Joachim Jensen says, “I have always been inspired by the contemporary classics, the furniture of the Masters. These are pieces that designers and architects love to work with, and that people…


Source Introduces Repeat

October 27, 2017

Less is more. Source International’s newest addition, Repeat, is an exercise in keeping life simple. BrogliatoTraverso Studio says “Our design inspiration for Repeat soft seating was born from the thirty degree angle.” The geometry of the trapezoid allows many configurations by combining several modules. &…


Source Re-Introduces Scape

August 4, 2017

Change is the only constant. With that, Source International is happy to announce that our already existing lounge series, Scape, is evolving. The simplicity of this product line enhances its relevance in today’s contract market. Substantial and uncomplicated, Scape lounge now offers twenty-three components in multiple heights…