Source International Introduces Say O Poly

October 24, 2022

Say O Poly copy.jpg

Introducing important extensions of the popular Say O series at Source International — Say O Poly Chairs and Stools and Say O Poly Stacking Chair. Distinguished by its characteristic organic shape, Say O offers harmony and a strong statement in its environment. The new poly shells and stacking sled base option expand the versatility and durability of Say O’s refined design.

Designed by Berg & Hindenes, the Say O Poly Chair introduces itself with its bold curved shell structure and rounded form. The unique shape of Say O contours to the human body to offer emphasized lumbar support while the softly flexing back provides an additional level of comfort. The shell elegantly flows into the base for a clean, modern appearance.

Say O Poly Chairs and Stools join together elevated design with functionality and cleanability. The Say O Poly Chair is suitable for chic meeting rooms and restaurants as the stacking sled base allows the chair to be easily stacked and moved. Enhance your space with the various base options including wood legs, original non-stacking sled frame, and new stacking sled frame. The Say O Poly Stool makes a statement in cafes and workspaces with wood legs or a metal sled frame.

The light-scale of Say O has proportions carefully crafted to allow for optimal strength, ergonomics, and an eye-catching character with its ‘O’ shape cutout. The distinctive shells of Say O Poly Chairs & Stools are offered in white, black and grey blue. Metal frames can be powder coated in 16 colors.

Say O Poly offers a unique aesthetic without compromising functionality making it versatile enough to make a statement in corporate spaces as well as a variety of education and hospitality applications. For additional information, contact the factory at 800.722.0474 or visit at