Source International Introduces Martini Lounge

March 22, 2023


Introducing Source International's newest additions, the Martini Lounge and Martini Plus Swivel. These new additions are a continuation of the popular seating family, Martini. The new seating options were designed for heightened comfort and to embrace the user for the new duality of the workplace ‑ relaxation in a lounge or to add support in an elevated office space. The soft, curved edges on the seat of the Martini Lounge and Martini Plus Swivel provide a sense of warmth and allure.

Martini is timeless as it melds a soft nod to a classic silhouette with sleek modern upholstery. Its unique shape offers character and elevates its environment with its graphic form. A refined selection of bases enhances the offering of the Martini Lounge family.

The Martini Lounge is a larger scale option that was crafted for comfort as the cushion is designed with molded foam. The ergonomic support is met with refined upholstery and a unique shape for an ideal marriage of functionality and design appeal. The Martini Lounge has 3 base options ‑ a four star swivel, tubular sled frame or a solid wood frame ‑ that makes it easy to tailor the lounge to various applications. In addition, a matching foot rest is offered for the four star swivel base lounge.

The Martini Plus Swivel is a larger scale extension of the Martini height-adjustable swivel chair and provides additional cushion and comfort when space allows. The expressive shape of the Martini seat fuses naturally into the five star swivel base for its distinct organic design.

With its grand appeal and chic yet inviting nature, the new additions to the Martini family will maximize its versatility in corporate, hospitality, education, and home environments. For additional information, visit contact the factory directly at 800.722.0474.