Celebrate Upholstered

962 - Four leg with arms fully upholstered High Res Image

Cel Uph 4L Arm Table Aka.jpg
Celebrate Uph Sled Martin.jpg
Cel Uph 4L SftChr 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph 4L Yel 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph 4L AR Sft Chr 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph 4L Arm Grey Front.jpg
Cel Uph SL Yel 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph SL Wht 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph Sl Wht Front copy.jpg
Cel Uph SL AR Sft Chr 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph 4L CST 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph STL30 Sft Chr 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph CH24  sft Chr 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph STL 30 Lt Brz 3.4.jpg
Cel Uph STL 30 Wht Front.jpg
Cel Uph STL30 Lt Brz 3.4 back.jpg
Cel Uph 4L Arm Aka Install.jpg
Cel Uph 4L H4 Table Aka.jpg
Celebrate Family Uph.jpg
Celebrate Statement of Line.jpg

Base Price



Fully upholstered four leg stacking chair
Fully upholstered sled frame stacking chair
With arms or armless
Fully upholstered one piece shell
Cut foam over polypropylene
Powder coated steel four leg frame
With arms or armless
Powder coated steel sled frame
With arms or armless
21 powder coat finishes
Stacks 6 high on the floor
Stacks 8 high on the dolly


  • Designed by Pensi Design Studio
  • Meets ANSI-BIFMA Standards
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Cal 133 Optional