840—CrissCross chairs High Res Image

CrissCross LB Location
CrissCross MPHC Tempe.jpg
CrissCross LB Front B
CrissCross LB 3.4
CrissCross LB Front R
CrissCross LB 3.4 Back
CrissCross Enwork.jpg
CrissCross HB J and D Images Batson Cooke Idea Span.jpg
CrissCross MB Lt Brz Dk Brz.jpg
CrissCross MB Location
Criss Cross Collection
CrissCross MB 3.4 Back
CrissCross HB 3.4
CrissCross HB Arms
CrissCross MB Swivel
Cure Urgent Care Crisscross, Plane.jpg
CrissCross HB Ventiv.jpg
CrissCross SW Desk 6
CrissCross SW Desk 2
LT CrissCross.jpg
CrissCross LB Plane Table
Crisscross Foundry.jpg
CrissCross MBHB Location
CrissCross HB Lounge Location
CrissCross SW Desk 5
CrissCross Servicemax Studio G.jpg
CrissCross LB Photo Matthew Carbone .jpg

Base Price



Low back chair, mid and high back lounge, mid and high back swivel
Crisscross wire base in chrome, soft chrome, white, black matte, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, gunmetal, brass, raw on chair and lounge
Swivel base in polished aluminum
Low back armless only, mid and high back lounge and swivel—wire arms with upholstered arm caps or armless


  • Designed by Joachim Jensen
  • Meets ANSI-BIFMA Standards
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • CAL 133 Optional