Cache Straight High Res Image

Cache Straight Group
Cache Prosper Brewing 2
Cache Straight, In, Out
Cache Strt Arm Strt Nat Blk Blk Arm 3.4.jpg
Cache Sq Wd Uph Brs CA 3.4
Cache Sq Wd Uph Dbrz CA 3.4
Cache Sq Uph Mbrz CA 3.4
Cache Sq Pad Profile
Cache Out Wd Uph DkBrz CA Front
Cache Mark Herboth Photo Architect Clark Nexsen.jpg
Cache Out Uph St Arm Chr Casters.jpg
Cache Out Strt Arm Wmd Dbrz 3.4.jpg
Cache 2 Cameron Campbell Ingrated Studio.jpg
Cache Strt Arm Nat Uph Gmtl Gr Arm Front.jpg
Cache Sq Uph Wht NA 3.4
Cache Straight Armless WdWd Wnt Scr 3.4.jpg
Cache Sq Pad Profile
Cache Sr Liv Rice Fergus Miller Andrew Giammarco 2.jpg
Cache Sq Bl Uph Wht NA 3.4
Cache Sq Yl Wd Gmtl NA 3.4
Cache Prosper Brewing 1
Cache Waiting 2
Cache Filling Station 1
Cache Cipher Imgng.jpg
Cache Wall Saver
Cache Madonna Rehab 2.jpg
Westwood Church
Cache 1 Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio.jpg
Cache Sr Liv Rice Fergus Miller Andrew Giammarco.jpg

Base Price



Three back shapes—Cache In, Cache Out, Cache Straight
Plain wood, wood with cut out or perforations, upholstered back pad, fully upholstered, custom laser engraving
Wood or upholstered
Three widths 17.5”, 19”, bariatric
Four leg, four leg with casters, sled, wall saver, stool
Standard and premium powder coat finishes
Straight arm or Cache arm in black or grey
Wood Finish
Standard wood and painted colors on maple
Four leg and wall saver stack 6 high, 10 high on dolly


  • Designed by Terrance Hunt
  • Meets ANSI-BIFMA Standards
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • CAL 133 Optional